Looking for something magical to do today? Something everyone can enjoy?

City walking tours just got upgraded! Welcome to a new world of adventure sightseeing

What is Questour?

Are you ready to step into the world of augmented reality from the comfort of your own phone?

Questour interactive tour games are walking tours of your favourite cities, recreated. Out of our imagination and into your hands, Questour will immerse you in the virtual world.

Pop-up entertainment, fantasy characters, hidden games, history brought to life, spectacular scenes, fascinating facts… take a quick trip or make a day of it.

This is a virtual city experience. Brought to you, on location, by your mobile device. Your phone, your tour, our imagination. The only one of it’s kind, Questour is a fun new way to interact with the city. Be entertained, be informed, be wowed as you explore the city in the ultimate urban adventure.

What will you experience?

Imagine setting off on a journey through the city with your virtual guide (quite literally) at hand.

They will guide you as you wind your way through a digital world of wonder and fact finding.

Maybe you’ll try your hand at collecting colourful dinosaur eggs, spot dragons swooping overhead, help a wizard save a princess, concoct powerful potions, be entertained by circus displays, dodge demons at Halloween or spot elves at Christmas.

And while you’re enjoying the spectacle, be impressed by intriguing facts too. Did you know that York has been declared the most haunted city in Europe? Watch out for Roman soldiers marching past the most haunted house in the city. Dodge mummies on the run in Manchester – the only place in the world where you can study Mummy Studies! All of our information points can be accessed on screen as you move around the city between points of interest.

You choose which challenges to crack and which facts to reveal. It’s a game, it’s a tour, it’s an adventure.

The city is your limit… except, it’s really not… our imagination is! And thankfully we haven’t found its limit yet – we keep on trying.



What route?

Choose your route around the digital city map stopping at games and information points along the way. Make it as fun or as educational as you like – it’s your tour!


Your photos

Take themed selfies with our characters – we’ll provide the costumes – virtually of course!


Feeling hungry?

Stop and eat at one of our recommended food stops – we made finding the best food in the city a priority.


Get fit?

Aiming for your daily 10,000 steps? 

You’ll be surprised how much ground you cover when you’re immersed in imagination.


How long?

Take as long as you like, you’ll have live access to your tour for 24 hours from purchase.

We recommend 2-3 hours for your visit (longer for the curious, hungry or those easily distracted).


Social safety

Covid 19: socially distanced and household friendly (not to mention educational) our tours are great for getting tourism back into our cities. We will continue to operate in line with the latest government guidelines on Covid safety.

Ready to start?

Questour shows you the city like you’ve never seen it before. 

Join us now and be part of it.

Let’s go and journey into the unknown.


Per  device, per city, per adventure